For Johnnie

A lone yellow mum from the huge bouquet

you brought me only two weeks ago

still sits on my desk


Your car is in your garage,

Your mug on your coffee table

Your jeans on metal hangers at your cottage

Your tools outside in the shed


Your cat is at your sisters’

Your texts on my cell phone

Your voice rings in my ears.


Ania said you didn’t need to be born this time,

You came only to help her cope with life.


It was easy to believe her.

You were loving and generous,

Light-hearted and witty

Discreet and graceful


A superior human being.


You saw Ania off,

Nursed your sister after her operation,

Took care of her move when she had to downsize

Went on the trips on your bucket list

And having accomplished your mission in this life

Serenely bid it farewell.


I hope you find another reason to come back

To grace the life of a few more mortals

Though too late for me

to enjoy your presence one more time




Hanz is 86 and has been living in a nursing home for two years.

Using his walker he often visited his acquaintances on different floors

He even had the reputation of a flirt among the young female staff.

A couple of months ago Hanz forgot the elevator code.

One day last month he couldn’t find his room.

Last week he complained that he keeps buying expensive stuff, but his friends steal everything from him.

“I know they’re going to kill me,” he said to me yesterday. “Please watch out for me!”

Today Hanz refused to eat his lunch.